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At v + b we believe that design is best  achieved through hard work and smart  thinking. Our creative process starts  with understanding the site and the  client’s needs, research followed by a  synthesis, development of alternatives,  evaluation and selection of the concept  that works best and is most delightful,  then making it happen.

Our office has developed master plans  for clients in the public, not‐for profit  and private sectors. The plans range  from blighted downtowns, to underutilized industrial areas, to large‐ scale complexes containing abandoned historic structures. v + b is able to resolve conflicting  planning objectives and regulatory  requirements to achieve a consensus  between the private sector, government  and public interest groups. Recognizing  the need for a continuous dialogue  between all interested participants  permits us to work successfully with  government agencies and involved  citizen groups.   

We offer clients in the real estate  industry a broad‐based approach to the  diverse issues arising during the  approval and pre‐design processes,  laying out action strategies, targeted plans, and zoning alternatives to assist  project implementation, public review,  and development.

Communities, institutions and civic  associations benefit directly from our  commitment to residents, owners and  building users alike in planning and  designing sustainable environments.   Individual clients with smaller building  projects also benefit from our care and  attention to detail in all aspects of our  design work until completion of  construction. While our office initiates the design  process the old‐fashioned way, computer aided design and graphic  software programs enable us to quickly  convert rough sketches and field data  into project development and design  proposals.  The combination of  technology, resources and skills gives  the practice added operational capacity  and ensures our prompt response to  issues arising during the planning and  building processes.


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