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Master Plan for the redevelopment of the NYC Farm Colony, a 45 acre site in the Farm Colony- Seaview Historic District and within the Special Natural Area District.


The site and the eleven buildings it contains, vacant since 1975, are in ruined conditions. Six buildings will be restored, four of those will be converted to residential, one will be stabilized as a ruin. Five other buildings will be dismantled and the stone salvaged for reuse in the new construction.


The development plan calls for a total of 350 units in different residential typologies, a clubhouse and retail/community facility uses, and large tracts of interconnected open spaces with recreational amenities in a park-like setting.

Landmark Colony site plan

Landmark Colony dormitory building existing conditions

Landmark Colony dining hall existing interior conditions

Landmark Colony circulation diagram

Landmark Colony open space/ use diagram

Landmark Colony street diagram

Landmark Colony dormitory building

Landmark Colony dormitory buildings elevations

Landmark Colony dormitory new extension

Landmark Colony dining hall

Landmark Colony carriage houses

Landmark Colony cottages type A

Landmark Colony cottages type B

Landmark Colony clubhouse preliminary sketch

Landmark Colony clubhouse and retail building elevations

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