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v + b is foremost an inter‐disciplinary  practice with expertise in related  disciplines.  Our goal is to integrate  cultural and ecological values into the  preservation, planning and  redevelopment processes of  neighborhoods and communities.  We  recognize the importance and the  contribution that these disciplines have  on the quality of life of residents and  the character of its public places and  architecture.

The practice is founded on the premise  that successful transformations of the  environment evolve from plans and  designs that are rooted in the social,  cultural and built contexts of the site  and the community.

We recognize that land uses; political,  cultural and economic activity; history;   building typology and design; and the  natural environment are all linked in a  complex relationship, which give  meaning to the sense of place.  And that  architecture and urban form, regardless  of scale and spatial quality, are derived  from traditional principles and patterns  of city‐ and town‐building.

We are conscious of the need to find  workable and sustainable solutions to  the interwoven web of challenges we  face, thus our practice is dedicated to  the ideal of preservation, urban  planning and architecture as art that is  functional, responsive, economical,  sustainable and enriching in a multitude  of ways.

v + b projects profit from front‐line  experience ‐ both partners having been  principals of award‐ winning  Architectural firms, they share a  longstanding reputation for dedicated  service to their clients and communities.


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