v + b is a New York City‐based MBE certified consulting firm with proven technical  and design expertise, providing a broad  scope of Architectural and related  services to a diverse client base.    Our practice encompasses small‐scale  custom residential and site‐specific  project designs, as well as multi‐family  developments, and planning and urban  design projects.  The firm is thoroughly  knowledgeable of the regulatory and  land use planning frameworks of the Tri‐ State region and capable of responding  to diverse local conditions and contexts  with solutions unique to each site and  area. To articulate those ends and strengthen  the relationship between various  disciplines we offer services in the  following thematic areas:


 Architecture  •  Historic Preservation  •  Planning    Urban Design   Community & Resilient Design

A strength of our practice is the ability  to draw from a pool of independent  practitioners as well as larger firms  experienced in related specializations to  assure the best possible results. Toward  the achievement of that goal, our team  organization structure allows us to use  our size and resources efficiently and  allocate specialists on a per‐project  basis to meet the needs of our clients.   This structure has served our clients  well.  Past project teams have included  architects, planners, attorneys, graphic  designers, historians, health  professionals, engineers and university  professors.


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